Friday, July 16, 2010

Sound Proofing with Drywall?

See, my little brother is in college working with lasers to get himself a real job, but it's a lot of fun when our respective disciplines overlap, even if just a little bit.

He had to build a chamber that could reduce external vibrations for sensitive equipment inside, and asked me about acoustic treatments like foam. I of course go through my spiel about the difference between shaping reflections in a space, and absorbing sound, preventing it from leaking into or out of  a space. I then sent him some info on Owens Corning and like insulation.

He did some research on is own, and found a company that has developed an acoustic drywall. I hate it when the little bugger scoops me...

Billed as an alternative to mass loaded vinyl, QuietRock looks like it could be a good solution for those that have to use an existing structure. When paired with other treatments like insulation it looks like it can provide substantial attenuation across a wide spectrum of frequencies.

You can find more info at:


  1. I was lucky enough to stumble across the Quiet Rock website last week, and it looks like an incredible product. I already have it on my 'gimme' list. I'm glad you posted this! I hope you'll keep us posted on how your brother likes working with it! -@dialect411

  2. I'm thinking of doing a follow up, but some of the science he's doing even goes over my head LOL. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Brother Audio GuyJuly 18, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    So I found that while quiet rock is the best and easiest, it's also the most expensive for small quantities. I only needed a small amount (1 4'x8' sheet) and the minimum delivery fee is $200. I ended up getting some Green Glue which is a caulking material to go between regular drywall sheets. It's more work but much lower cost. I'm doing 2 or 3 layers of different thickness drywalls with Green Glue between each and then a layer of 2 inch Owens Corning 703.

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  5. UGH! I completely forgot about Green Glue when I was sending you info!

    Lemme know how it turns out! I'd love to see some pics when it's done!

  6. Green Glue? Quiet Glue is a better option, and it’s also 35$ cheaper. Makes it a smarter choice.

  7. Thanks for the info on Quietrock. I need to sound proof my room which already has a layer of dry wall installed but it is not enough. I can still hear what music my neighbors are playing and it is really annoying. I have been trying to find more about soundproofing and I have come across many posts with Quietrock mentioned, often with good reviews. The product sounds promising. I have decided to go for it.

  8. Hey George!
    I hope it helps. Noisy neighbors are the bane of my recording existence. Lemme know if the Quietrock makes a dent!