Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SomeAudioGuy Mini-Review: FMR Audio RNP8380 "Really Nice Preamp"

Engineers love to debate their favorite pieces of recording equipment, and when it comes to preamps, the debate can get pretty ruthless.

FMR Audio isn't making the discussion any easier with their RNP8380 Microphone Preamp...


  1. Great review Juan. I wonder how you developed such great voice acting skills there! :)

    This preamp is on my list to try out someday. I'm very curious as to how it compares with the built-in preamps of the RME fireface 400.

    Ronin, of ronin's recording show, did a $500 preamp shootout which included the FMR RNP too. You should check it out - interesting results.

  2. Thanks Jordan! Directing you guys long enough, and some of your tricks will eventually rub off LOL!

    Hmmm... Fireface is a TOUGH comparison. WAY too much voodoo to do a straight up comparo, but off the top off my head, I would think the RNP prolly offers up a bit more headroom and output, but the RME is probably sonically cleaner (maybe even a little more neutral). Both would offer up great results though. The deciding vote would depend on what interface you used with the RNP, but the combo of RNP+RNC would still leave you $500 to get a decent A/D interface to match the price of the RME...

    I just looked up Ronin. Good stuff there. Now I need to get my hands on a P-Solo...

  3. Yea that would be an interesting shootout. RME is well known for their excellent A/D conversion. I wonder how the fireface conversion would compare to a $500 converter. Hmm...You can just call up RME and have them send you a test unit no problem, right? ;)