Friday, January 9, 2009

CONTEST! Melissa Disney and Jeff Bartsch Want You To "Vote For The Cat", Go To The Superbowl!

It's just cool being able to say I'm pals with these peeps.

Jeff Bartsch is a producer you might not be as aware of yet, but you've certainly heard his voice on shows like Super Nanny. His award winning production company Resolve (13 Months of Sunshine , Stained ) has produced a commercial for the Doritos Superbowl Challenge, featuring the prolific voice actress Melissa Disney, and they are one of the finalists!

They NEED your help!

At the time of this posting there are 16 days left in the contest for people to go and vote on which commercials they like the best (you like "The Chase" the best BTW). The winner will be featured during the Superbowl!
You can vote multiple times, and every time you vote you will be entered into a contest to win two tickets to go to the Superbowl!

Jeff has all the details posted over at a site he's set up for the contest, and you can watch the spot (called "The Chase") over at Crash The Superbowl.

Here's the spot:

Go help them get to the Superbowl, and maybe YOU can go too!

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  1. Well, that was easy!! The others didn't even come close. Thank-you for posting this - I will look forward to seeing them win.


  2. I thought so too.
    They worked really hard on this, and I think it shows. That and I'm a sucker for pets in commercials.

    Thanks for checking it out Mary!

  3. Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards from Turkey!

  4. My pleasure Ozgur!
    Thanks for checking it out!

  5. Hi Audio Guy,
    I must admit I did get to see this elsewhere ( VOX Daily), and I love the TV player image on this post, but couldn't get it to play :( Perhaps the contest is over so the link to the vid is too?
    Anyway, Keep up the great work here on your blog.
    Bobbin Beam

  6. Yeah.
    It seems the Doritos embedded player doesn't work anymore...