Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News Sound Bites - RIAA Sucks?, Groove Shark Competes With Pandora, VOLTRON!!!, and More

Hey all! Some cool links for you to check out!

Relativity Media is going to take a '300' style crack at a live action Voltron! Could Robotech be far behind?

Lifehacker has the skinny on audio editor WavePad. They compare it to Audacity, which is a pretty high mark to be comparing things to.

Steve Guttenberg over at the Audiophiliac has a great editorial up about how expensive audio equipment isn't as expensive as you think.

New Media Gear takes a look at the Olympus LS-10 Portable Recorder. They seem pretty positive on it.

In the wake of internet radio imploding, GrooveShark is adding a Pandora-like player to it's P2P service.

In other "crappy music industry" news, it looks like record labels aren't happy with music being used in games. Oh sure, they're happy to reap the rewards of greater exposure for their artists, they just want more money for doing ... well ... nothing ... I guess.

And in even MORE music industry news, has the RIAA shut down Muxtape? Better stick with Mixwit for now.

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