Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bass Guitar Update - Probably the Last Update Here...

So yeah, I practiced for an hour yesterday, and sadly the first TWENTY minutes were spent just tuning the damn thing LOL. My right hand is killing me just from walking the strings.

This might take a while.

Just to keep you guys from having to suffer through my general "suckitude", I'm going to move my updates over to my Twitter feed. I've been trying to figure out what to do with that thing anyway LOL.

Some Audio Guy on Twitter


  1. Is there something about bass guitars I don't know? Why so long to tune?

    We have gotten very lazy at MCM Voices. We use an electronic tuner at which we initially scoffed, but it has earned its keep many times over :)

  2. Well yeah, about that, see I started trying to tune to the 5th fret.

    Problem was, I wasn't paying attention, and started tuning to the seventh fret.

    I'm surprised I didn't snap a string LOL ... yeeeaahhhh sigh...