Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting Stoked for 'The Life & Times of Tim' on HBO - Peter Giles Edition

Peter Giles is a pal of mine from my Abrams days, and he's a friggen GOOFBALL. I love it.

If you live near a Del Taco, you probably heard his voice on their 'Feed the Beast' campaign (he wasn't "the Beast" thank goodness). He's just a dry, cocky, smug, sarcastic, sumnabitch, and easily one of the funniest guys I know.

I was SO STOKED when he booked the voice of "The Boss" on 'The Life & Times of Tim', and it looks like we're gearing up for a September debut on HBO.

This show is going to be ALL shades of wrong, and Peter is going to fit in just fine, LOL.

Here's a clip of P. Gilly (AKA "Kid Lightning", just ask him about it) in action, it's a little bit NSFW, but not TOO bad.

The Life & Times of Tim on


  1. Peter Giles is a genius. The greatest thing to come out of Canada since Robert Goulet.