Thursday, August 21, 2008

Britney Spears LOVES The Autotune...

My title is implying that she can't really sing, and it takes a whole host of electronics to make her sound presentable when she "performs".

If only we could separate her mic feed from the rest of her concert audio...

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  1. hmmm, she's probably not even trying to sing... I'm no fan of Britney, but that's just a way of keeping time, I don't know who can really sing and dance well at the same time (Michael Jackson?) but definitely none of these cheap pop artists. It's hilarious, but a little on the harsh side...
    great site!

  2. Is this for real??? It's horrible and hilarious! haha

    (wandered here via sas*'s flickr)

    flickr dot com----svana

  3. Nice!
    Sas is awesome! Some of the most beautiful dog pics I've ever seen. He did a wonder of a touch up on one of my old Biggelow pics.

    I'm pretty sure this vid is legit. The thing about BritBrit, is she was always billed as a good "performer", not a good "singer", LOL...

  4. I know what your talking about Xavier.

    Maybe add Janet Jackson to the list?

  5. Hey Guitar,
    If by "terrible" you mean "terribly AWESOME", then Yes!

    Nice blog you've got. I'm subscribing to it now.

  6. That's pretty amazing. I never even heard of an Autotune before.
    That's a pretty impressive device to make that sound good.

  7. I know James.
    Pretty scary how well we can "augment" reality these days...