Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News Sound Bites - Revision3, Engineering, Earthquakes in LA, Audiobooks, and More...

Hey All,
Just some fun links for you to check out.

The LA Times has a great look at up and coming media giant Revision3. I'm a HUGE fan of the "network", even if I did just recently pick a fight with Tekzilla.

AUDIOTUTS has a great tutorial on processing vocals for musicians. Totally worth a read for you VO folks as well, especially if you ever have to engineer or produce your own content.

So I was REALLY close to the earthquake that hit CA yesterday, and it was quite a jolt. To hear a special report from Loony Tunes News (courtesy of Bob Bergen) CLICK HERE.

Wired's Listening post has a really funny (and frustrating) article about how Hell Is Other People's Music.

Sound on Sound is reporting on an update to Reaper, a great little audio suite that I would put up with programs like Audacity and Traverso.

Not Just Voiceover has a great vid up of a narration session with audiobook virtuoso Scott Brick. It's so much fun watching you guys work...

Part Three of Bob Souer's interview with Voice Over Xtra has just been posted, so head over and check it out. Here are parts one and two if you're a little behind.


  1. Glad to here you're okay out there on the coast!

  2. Thanks Donna!
    It was pretty freaky...

  3. I meant, glad to 'hear' your're okay!

  4. Of course George!
    Thanks for the comment!