Monday, June 23, 2008

Pay what you want for Girl Talk's newest album 'Feed the Animals'

Love it.

Hate it.

It's some of the most creative mash up I've ever heard.
I'm a couple days behind on this one, but I took a little time to give it a listen. Twisted, imaginative, frenetic, fast, it's Girl Talk, and for a "pay what you want" it's totally worth checking out.

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

any price grants the download of the entire album as high-quality 320kbps mp3s
$5 or more adds the options of FLAC files, plus a one-file seamless mix of the album
$10 or more includes all of the above + a packaged CD (when it becomes available)
That's not a bad deal ($5 for FLAC), and if you dig on mashups, I don't really think it gets much better...

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