Monday, June 16, 2008

Hack a Mr. Microphone to Make a Wireless Bug/Spy Microphone

Ok, I'm totally ripping this off Engadget, but I LOVE Mr. Microphone. It's just an awesome idea gone horribly HORRIBLY wrong. That and the commercials are AWESOME schlock!

So, let's say you need to get some spying done, but you have a VERY small budget, and those surveillance stores really creep you out. If you have a Mr. Microphone lying around, then prepare to start listening in on other people's conversations!

Instructables to the resuce!

Mr. Microphone Hack! - The best video clips are right here

Pretty cool stuff!

I'm doing the math in my head for what it would take to use an old FM Transmitter I have (those things never work well in cities). Hmmm.... In-ter-est-ing...

Oh hell, just for kicks here's the Mr. Microphone commercial I love SO much.

Let's get this party started!

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