Sunday, June 15, 2008

Acoustic Cloaking Device to be Made From Crystals

Now you hear me...

So this is following up on the theories of cloaking objects from the visible light spectrum, that if you can get acoustic energy to flow AROUND a structure, then the inside of that structure is essentially acoustically neutral.

BBC News has the scoop:

Scientists have shown off the blueprint for an "acoustic cloak", which could make objects impervious to sound waves.

The technology, outlined in the New Journal of Physics, could be used to build sound-proof homes, advanced concert halls or stealth warships.

Darpa had a similar project running in 2007 to try and reduce acoustic energy from military vehicles, but I think this current project from Spanish researchers could prove more effective. It would also have more immediate consumer benefits (as well as more practical application for the Navy), though probably less effective for ground based vehicles.

Or maybe it would be too good. It might not be such a good idea to make a completely sound proof car...

Thanks for the link Jeff!

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