Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do YOU rock the mic? Because I ROCK the mic!

In a social networking kinda way of course... is a new social network just for VO people. Of course the focus is on actors, but I managed to sneak my way in too (I did just record that radio spot. What? THAT COUNTS!).
I've been using the site for about a week now, and have to say it's really well laid out. It's a little facebook-y, but in a good way, and many of the complaints I have with sites like MySpazz (downtime, bad page layout/formatting, slow to load, crashes often) haven't been an issue here.
Really the only issue I have so far is the community, in that it's so new it's a little quiet still. Like any good site or forum though, I think this project has legs, and I think we'll see some interesting and quick growth.
If VO is your thing, or if you're a fan, I would seriously consider checking this site out. I'll be adding my profile page to the SomeAudioGuy 'around the web' sidebar. --->

An interesting side note, the site's creator Rick Party, also produced my favorite celebrity out take video, Jack Palance in Burnout!

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