Friday, February 29, 2008

Living the Dream - Audio Guy is a voice talent now?

So right away, I just want to say, that I've worked really hard to be a voice director. I've done everything I can, classes, workshops, workouts, to become the best director I can. I enjoy being in front of the microphone (I was a theatre student), but my passion lies behind the mixer. I mean why just play with my voice when I can play with ALL the best voices in LA.

Anywho, I booked a radio job...

We were casting partner reads, and one guy's partner didn't show up. I jumped in just to help out (it was a lot of dialog, so a partner should help right).

So we booked the job, and even though I'm not AFTRA, the production company liked me enough to Taft-Hartley.

In a way it's kind of embarrassing, as I was there to direct actors. But I guess it means I had the right idea though right?

So there it is. I guess I'm a working actor now too. LOL!

Just kinda weird ya know...
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  1. Isn't that simliar to how Don LaFontaine got his start? Onwards and upwards. Congrats!

  2. LOL!

    Yup, just me and The Don. We're kinda awesome...

    Thanks Joe!