Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting the job DONE! - Recording in an airport with Pizzuto

This was just a funny little story from my pal David:

When David Sobolov, Mark Freidlander and Eric Williams from SAG and myself, were traveling back from the GDC in Austin, we were changing planes in Phoenix when we got a call from AAA for a last minute audition. I had my studio with me in it's roll on case and so we asked the airline personnel if we could set up and record to send an audition to LA.
LOL, after a few quick explanations to gaping mouths and questioning eyes, they shrugged and said sure. I whipped out the Powerbook, mBox, neumann mic, headphones and between airport announcements were knocking takes out when the TSA showed up with the airport police. After a quick explanation of what the gear was and what we were doing with about 30 minutes to flight time, we cranked out, edited and sent the auditions to Abrams in LA using the airport the applause of the small crowd gathered and thanked them for their silence, patience and understanding...and on to our flight back to LA.
Thanks David!

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