Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sony to license Beatles for use in music, commercials, films

Not sure how I feel about this.

It’s perfectly legal, but it will still seem to some listeners like the sound of someone making off with England’s crown jewels.
Forty years and more after the Beatles changed rock music forever, their songs have truly arrived in the 21st century as part of the rap/hip-hop art form — with the express permission of their publishers. Although there are hundreds of covers of ”Yesterday,” “Something” and the rest, this approach of ”interpolation” — essentially rerecording a portion of a song — of the Beatles’ compositions represents new access to the most famous catalogue in the world. These developments may ultimately signal a fresh attitude toward Beatles masters appearing in everything from commercials to movies.

That's not true. I don't like this idea.

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MSN via AP, Thanks Mrs. Audio Guy!!!

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