Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spoken Text reads the words for you, and here I am using my own eyes like a sucker...

I know, text to speech isn't crazy exciting, but I have a lot of fun with it anyway, so deal.

Anywho, what IS kinda cool about SpokenText, is it's a bit more fleshed out than most TtS web apps. Some serious thought has gone into the feature set, like being able to read documents, email, and web pages, and efforts have been made to also help those that actually need readers, so it's kinda for real practical, ya know.

So check it out here, and if you like the service try to donate. They're currently trying to purchase voices from AT&T to help flesh the service out a bit.

Here's a sample of SpokenText for your listening enjoyment:

Not too shabby!

Thanks DownloadSquad!

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