Thursday, December 20, 2007

News Sound Bites - Vox in Second Life, Bionic Ears, iTunes add ons, your web security

Vox Daily has an interview with Ari Ross, a trailblazer voice over artist using Second Life as a springboard for his voice over career. It's a pretty interesting read on an example of where this business is going (like everywhere). You might recognize him from the CSI/NY episode about SL.

Engadget's got the scoop on the Carina hearing aid being developed at Envoy Medical. doodoodoodoodoo (lame attempt at writing out the bionic woman ear noise)...

Lifehacker has their list of the 23 best iTunes add ons. Some cool stuff, like album art plugins, automation tools, and digital radio.

Are you paranoid (like I am) about your web security? Me TOO! Good thing Google has these handy videos up on Youtube about protecting your web privacy!

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