Wednesday, December 26, 2007

News Sound Bites - Whole ton-o-stuff coming back from XMas

Yeah I gotta bunch, so lets jump in.

Jalopnik told me that Plantronics thinks you look stupid with that BT headset. Put it in the new Plantronics car charger when not in use.

Nokia's crushing on Apple, wants to make sweet music iTunes downloading babies.

Speakers = Sexy? AudioJunkies thinks so, has list of top 15 speaker sets with the curves to compete with your girlfriend.

Blizzard, your favorite WoW/Starcraft developers, are starting a podcast on game development.

In other BT Headset news, Engadget has the scoop on the Adtec AD-HSM10, one of tiniest headsets I've ever seen. I shall call it "the button" (instead of the nonsensical string of letters and numbers - Come on people! Consumers buy NAMES, they buy iPods and Zunes and ROKRs and Walkmans not "AD-HSM10's"! HOW DO YOU EVEN SAY THAT), and be mad that we'll probably never see it stateside.

FreewareGenius lets us know about Tunestor, a free Firefox plugin that automates downloading an mp3, and putting it right into iTunes. I don't use iTunes, so this is useless to me. I'm only writing about it for you, my faithful readers. I'm teh selfless!

Was my post about SpokenText not enough to sate the Text to Speech beast in you? DownloadSquad gives us another TtS to satisfy that "read it to me" urge.

Toon Zone interviews the original Speed Racer and Trixie!

ay-dee-ache-es-em-tenza ... nope still sucks... it's "the button" now ... I've decided!


  1. hey there AUDIO DUDE,
    i am doin a remix of a song and for a one minute ending i need audio of news clips about war [any in general really, but relevant to today[iraq]at the same time. any ideas?
    e-mail me at:
    any links to anything downloadable would be appreciated. list some tunes you like and i can send u a song back i mixed you might love.
    cheers, riXta

  2. Hmmm... Audio "Dude" ...
    Alright, I like it.

    Anywho I think your best bet would be hitting the youtubes. I think you'd have a hard time finding resources or archives in BETTER quality, that you would be able to not only search through, but actually use. You can also check out politcal blogs like wonkette or crooks and liars.
    If you need an easy way to record streaming audio, check out this post:

  3. hmmm, that didn't work lets try this:


    Wake up from your Dream - at above link...

    thanx A.D.
    i googled soundbite audio downloads and got some dude talking about oil - plus some scratching for the track too.
    go to this lonk for your personal copy. you can send it out to friends as well. it is valid for 7 days from this post or 100 downloads - which ever comes first.
    feel free to post it at your blog. there is a link here to the artist pages on

  5. Dude that's great!
    I like the mix a lot.
    Excellent effects on the news clips.