Monday, December 17, 2007

News Sound Bites - high end audio, Telcos given immunity, art of audiobooks, more...

Hey lets get to it!

The Consumerist (through Slate) takes a look at high end audio systems. I think it's funny to do that as most people listen to some form of compressed audio. Even CD's (to an extent) are not full representations of the sounds we hear.

Wired's Threat Level kindly informs us that our government is getting ready to sell us out again, by offering amnesty to Telecoms that spy on us, without the involvements of the courts, on behalf of the American government. Yay! GOOOOOOO WARRANTLESS!!!!

I love reading Katherine Powers' audiobook reviews over at Book World and The Washington Post. This link is out to four more short reviews to check out.
Martin Jarvis makes this book a greater pleasure to listen to than to read, his extraordinary vocal characterizations transfusing it with life. Though one of his American accents is a mutinous mish-mash with a will of its own, its bearer is, fortunately, bumped off early on.
Ahhhh Classic!

Sound Designers, Puremagnetik has released their Technosphere toolbox. I'll let Sonicstate tell you about it:
Puremagnetik has released Technosphere, a sound design toolbox of over 100 sonic textures and composer effects. Produced from a composite of live field recordings, studio instruments and intensive effect processing, Puremagnetik say that Technosphere brings a unique palette of soundscapes, transition effects and scoring tools to the Puremagnetik catalog.

If you're looking for even more Voice and Audio news. Check out The Voice Over Times, which I believe just went live today. I've already checked it out, and they've got some decent talent writing articles, and some very helpful content. That is, go check them out AFTER you've finished reading through my archives...


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