Thursday, December 6, 2007

How to properly pronounce the hard words -

Man it's all about web apps today I guess, but here's a good one.

When it comes to dissecting copy, I've gotten pretty good at looking up the tough words on sites like Recently a lot of those site now feature audio pronunciations, which is great, but not all sites have all of their entries voiced yet. Sometimes you have to search out a few sites to actually hear the word you're looking for.
Hard? No.
Kind of a pain? Yeah, a little.

So, trolling Lifehacker, I've found this neat little service called HowJSay. Basically it's a search field for word pronunciations. Handy, easy to use, bookmark it and go. They've currently got over 80,000 words indexed, and I haven't really stumped it yet (except for those really obnoxious pseudo-science words used in cosmetic ads).


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