Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ripping DVD Audio to MP3! The fun and easy way!

Hey all!
I've gotten this question a couple times now, and thought I'd record a quick tutorial on it.

There are some ad agencies that are really good at giving voice over clients a copy of the commercials they record. In this digital age, the copy usually comes in the form of a DVD. However, when the actor wants to put together a demo, it can be difficult to pull the audio off of a DVD to mix into a demo (usually an mp3 in this day).

Before I would either run a line in and record in real time, or there were always really tricky methods of converting DVD's to AVI's, and midway through the process you could grab a rendered WAV file. More recently, I've been importing DVDs into Vegas, and then saving the file from there. Vegas, however, can cost almost $600.

I just caught a tip on Lifehacker with a much easier (and FREE) piece of software to get this job done!

Here's Lifehacker's link.

Here's a link to another program that will pull audio off of other video files (avi, wmv, divx, mov, etc).

So please pardon the fact that I was a little congested when I recorded this, and as a fun bonus, see if you can find the moments where my wireless mouse was wigging out on me!

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