Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Library of Congress to start archiving video games

Heck yeah!
Take THAT Roger Ebert.

Kotaku has an impressive write up of the whole affair.

But today we have a different story for you with a very different
ending. The fact of the matter is, according to The Library of
Congress, video games are just as important to our historical past as
literature, movies and music. And at the moment, the LoC is teaming up
with major universities across the country to begin a 2-year initiative
with the sole intent of figuring out just how institutions can preserve
video games for years to come, while making the content accessible for
use and study.

Heck Yeah!

This is perfeck. Evolving from the days of Atari, gaming has consistently proved a culturally motivating force. It will be where our experimental media comes from, experimental storytelling, experimental anything. To deny the impact of gaming is shortsighted, and well, silly...

Read the story up at Kotaku, it's pretty great...

Heck Yeah!

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