Friday, September 7, 2007

iTunes Hack for FREE RINGTONES

Just posted up on Engadget...

If you read my last story on this, it's just ridiculous to me that ringtones should cost extra on the iPhone. It's another example of them fundamentally missing the market.

If Apple had said "Those other companies make you PAY for ringtones, with Apple the music IS your ringtone!" or some other such nonsense, he could've driven so much more business to the iTunes music store. Instead Apple/AT&T are trying to shear a sheep that's already been shorn (I know that was meta).

The fact that music costs about .99 a song anywhere you go (except eMusic!), and ringtones cost about $1.99, is retarded (and I mean that in the classical sense of the word as in "to retard progress of the music/cellphone industry").

Anywho, there's a story up at Engadget telling us how to get around their 99 cents extra charge:
To get this to work, we hear you only need to rename an AAC track to .M4R, then double click it and iTunes
will automagically load it into iTunes for you. Next time you plug in
your iPhone to sync up, just check off the song in the Ringtones tab
and voila, instant tone gratification.

Read the rest here @ Engadget!


Having read this over now, it doesn't look like this will work for music purchased through iTunes (which has copy protection on it, but should work fine for unprotected songs (like the ones you rip off CD's).

Also while I'm schilling for Engadget, they've posted a story up regarding your rights, and what protections you have when it comes to making your own ringtones.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Is it Illegal to Make My Own Ringtones @ Engadget

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