Sunday, August 12, 2007

Podcast Website Traffic - Where to go for Listeners!

So where do YOU go for listeners/viewers?
Since iTunes wont give up ANY kind of stats on podcast listener-ship, I picked the next 5 services that I know about and pumped them through Alexa. If you know of any other major players here, please drop a comment.

So if you've got a podcast, and want to attract as much people as possible, dont forget these services (as well as setting up an itunes account .. stupid friggen itunes).
From March to July, there's been a gradual yet steady decline in page hits at PD, but from July to August a sudden up tick occurred. Currently the site is averaging a reach of about 33,000 hits a week and 1.7 pages per user per day.
This is the service I started with WAY back in the early days of Podcasting. It's ranking has stayed pretty consistent from March to now, with a one week average of 85,000 hits and 2.5 pages per user.
Sadly Podcast Alley's days of being one of the big boys on the block is sort of over, averaging just under 30K, so why bring them up? Because their users are pretty freakin loyal, and consume a lot of content, with an average of 4.5 pages per user.

Another one of my favorite services, Odeo is also on the decline with a weekly average of 12K, and 2.8 pages per user. They'd better hurry up and get sold or there wont be any users left.
A service I was thinking of dropping, seems to be on a three month rise. They're little, with only about 8,000 weekly hits, but users average 3 pages per, and their community is growing (just about the only service up that is showing consistent growth over the last 3 months).

Of course, not knowing what iTunes is pulling in traffic-wise, we can't be entirely sure how these 5 compare, but why deny yourself easy distribution to over 100,000 potential listeners?

Other services to check out.
Yahoo Podcast Beta
So new Alexa has NO ranking for it.

Digg Podcast Beta
Digg is social news at it's finest. Right now weekly averages are only in the hundreds (ok just A hundred), but given a little time, this could become a great place to discover popular content.


  1. An Alexa ranking is not a measurement of how many users per week, it's a ranking, so the lower the Alexa ranking, the better (Yahoo is #1). Unless you're using some formula to calculate number of users from the Alexa data?

  2. Yeah I figured that out AFTER posting.
    The thing that troubles me still though, are their reach and view stats seem... inaccurate, my ranking blunder aside. Putting the same sites into other trackers wields really different results. Alexa always seems to be the "different" one.
    I think I might start using:

    for future comparisons. Kinda frustrating...