Monday, August 27, 2007

One of My Friends is a Bert Fershner!

Have you ever, say, known someone for a little while (almost two years), and then suddenly find out that they just happened to belong to one of your favorite sketch comedy troupes of all time, and you just didn't notice.

It can really put you on edge, lemme tell you.

Well turns out that my pal Mike Rock, whom I've been working with through the agency for the last two years, and can be heard on the Kleenex commercial with the monk , is a Bert Fershner. That is awesome.

This clip of theirs is from the 1996 Aspen Comedy Festival, and being one of my favorite sketches, I've been able to recite this from memory for over 10 years.

You can check out more of their videos here.


Mike's the one on the far left in gray btw...

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