Monday, August 6, 2007

NPR Podcast Player For Facebook

I at some point might just have to join Facebook.
It seems to be blowing up right now, and I was WAY late to MySpace. I just find so little use for social networking outside of the occasional "catching up with a friend moment" that I can usually just accomplish through an email or something else.
I will always appreciate MySpace for the simple fact that it did get me blogging, so that's ... uh ... neat ... ?

Anywho, what I think is the coolest part of Facebook, is all the development going on for Facebook apps/widgets/gadgets/geegaws/etc.

Splashcast has just released an NPR Podcast player for your Facebook page. If I used Facebook, I would use this app.

IF I used Facebook...

Check out the app here.

Check out DownloadSquads write up here.

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