Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Ringtones and Alerts: UnHelpful RoBot!!!

So I finally finished the editing for my UnHelpful Robot series of ringtones and alerts. I designed the alerts around my Windows Mobile phone, so there might be some alerts in here which only work for the features of a WM phone, and I might be missing alerts for other types of phones.

My general inspiration for U.R. comes from classic "evil" sci-fi computers. They always seemed to deliver vital information just a split second too late for the villain to do anything about it. Almost as if they had their own nefarious goals to fulfill.
A perfect example would be the Nod Computer from C&C. It always seemed to let me know one of my units was under attack just after it was to late to save them.

So anywho, please download these ringtones and alerts, give em a spin, and let me know what you think. The link contains a zip file with over 27 individual files, each a 128Kbps MP3.


Don't hear what you need?
Would you like to customize U.R.'s alerts?
Would you like to hear U.R. say "I'm a big fat doody head"?
U.R. will say anything you want for $1.99 per ring tone/alert. Contact me at for more info.


***Update 8/25/08***

Recently I've been using Ventones to get ringtones and alerts on my friends cellphones.
It's the first service I've found that plays well with most cell carriers (even Verizon Woot!), and it's pretty easy to use.

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