Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RIAA's final tab for Capitol vs. Foster: $68,685.23

The book is closed on one of the most closely-followed file-sharing cases, as a judge tallies up the ledger for Debbie Foster's legal bills. $68,685.23 was awarded in HER favor.

My Favorite part:
"This past February, Judge West awarded Foster attorneys' fees, citing the RIAA's insistence on pressing the secondary infringement case and saying that he could find no case "holding the mere owner of an Internet account contributorily or vicariously liable for the infringing activities of third persons."
He also rejected the RIAA's argument that Foster was not entitled to fees incurred after "some point when she allegedly 'could have avoided [fees] altogether but chose not to do so,'" reiterating that she was fully entitled to fight the RIAA's charges and as a result, eligible for an award of attorneys' fees."

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