Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reardon wins full AFTRA term

"Roberta Reardon, a New York-based TV, commercials and voice actor, has
been elected to a full two-year term as president of AFTRA.

Reardon, who was elected by unanimous acclamation
Saturday at the 70,000-member union's biennial convention in
Philadelphia, had been selected by AFTRA's national board in April to
complete the remainder of the term of John Connolly, now executive
director of Actors' Equity.

"I am humbled to be elected as AFTRA national
president," Reardon said. "I am also excited to be able to move
together into future with all of you to improve the lives of AFTRA
Article also goes on to state that NY actor Holter Graham was elected to a 2 year term as a National VP. That's cool. I've worked with Holter and he's a good guy.

Read the rest here @ Hollywood Reporter

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