Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I can't tell if this is real - REALLY dumb singer

It's a good thing she's cute...

One more Youtube clip before I go to bed.
Honestly I can't tell if this is staged or not, but it's damn funny anyhow.

I haven't come across anyone like this in VO, but I have been subjected to some HORRIBLE booth etiquette.

A little love for your techs and engineers next time you record with them.



  1. that girl was just kinda dumb, and probably a newbie. how would you describe bad VO etiquette?

  2. Man, there are SO many...
    I guess people who mess with my set up are a huge pet peeve. I'll follow an actor into to the booth, and set up mic and stands for them, then as soon as I'm out, they start moving things around. Actors touching my mics drives me crazy!

    Also walking into my booth unprepared really pisses me off. If you ever see me for an audition, then your competition is only another 25-30 people, as opposed to the hundreds that flock to web casting. It's kinda like going straight to producers. I have little sympathy for people that walk into my booth cold.

    There are others too, like people with poor mic technique, but really I think it all comes down to being considerate and professional. In general, unprofessional slobs just tick me off...