Monday, June 4, 2007

Micro HD Microphone?!?!? WAAAH???

What the farggin hell is an "HD" microphone. I swear "HD" is the new fool-the-masses-into-buying-a-regular-product-by slapping-a-fancy-label-on-it buzz term. You know like 'extreme' used to be...

Anywho, Gizmodo found this little gem of a product, The Akustica HD Digital Microphone. A tiny little peice of kit for cellphones and laptops. Now those of us that record for a living will now be assaulted by even crappier recordings from the masses "But my labtop has a HACHE DEE micro mic, it must sound gud".

The good though?

Apparently this is designed around the idea of VOIP, and supposedly wont interfere with ... well anything. Put it next to a wifi antennae, BT, LCD, etc, and you should still have clear audio.

I'm so sick of "HD" ...


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