Thursday, May 3, 2007

Not a big fan of his films, but damned if his toys don't rule

There are only a few organizations I would kill to work for (Google! Start using Sound!), and Skywalker Sound is most certainly one of them.

My gear lust has risen to an all new height though, when I saw that they've nabbed themselves a DFC Gemini.

"The Academy Award-winning DFC Gemini was the first full-scale multi-operator Digital Film Console. It has rapidly established itself as the premier choice in Hollywood, often with the vast majority of the top-grossing films of the year internationally being mixed on it. Some filmmakers are so impressed with the console's performance that they give it an end credit in the movie. From the outset, the DFC Gemini was designed for optimum mix performance. At the heart of the DFC Gemini is the world's most powerful DSP mix engine, capable of delivering the legendary Neve sound across 1,000 audio signal paths at 96 kHz/24-bit in a single, high-resolution DFC signal-processing tower. No other digital film console can offer the sheer power required to handle the demands of tomorrow's blockbusters. The DFC Gemini is laden with features that take film sound to a new level. They include TFT Channel display, the Encore Plus automation system, Neve EQ, Dynamics and Bass Enhancement plug-ins with linked dynamics, expanded 12 Stem Mixing, and complete integrated machine control."

1000 AUDIO SIGNALS!!! Really?!?! WHY?!?!


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