Friday, May 11, 2007

Listen to your ipod and DIE!!!

If you have a pacemaker that is.

And, well, maybe not even then.

So I guess the title of this post could be a little misleading. I guess...

Already kinda old news on teh intarwebs, and I'm kinda confused as to why the ipod is being singled out here. I'm not a big Mac fan, but I do use a first gen Nano, and it's nice. Though I cant help but think that as gadgets become more and more "fashionable", wont we just plain be seeing more and more interference, not just with medical equipment, but with ... well ... everything?

Anywho, I'm curious to see what would happen with a Zune, or an iRiver, or a Creative, or a Sandisk, or a Rio, or a Toshiba, or a....

Read the story Here!

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