Saturday, May 12, 2007

Liam Neeson set to star in ... FALLOUT 3!

First off, when was someone going to tell ME there was going to be a Fallout 3!?!? I'm so farggin behind... sigh...

So yeah, exciting news I think. If you never played a Fallout, then you're missing out. Hopefully '3' maintains the quirky, dark anachronistic charm of the first two (wasn't a big fan of tactics). This would be the game to get me back into role playing games (and wasting hours and hours of my life, Mrs AudioGuy will be thrilled).

legitimate writers to consider gaming. The better the writing, maybe the better the direction. Eventually there will HAVE to be heavy cross over between animation and interactive projects.Again, I'm still hoping against hope, that eventually the video game contract will get re-worked for it to be more favorable to performers. The more A-listers getting in will hopefully more Really, this just means more money for EVERYONE, as gaming is taken more seriously by producers and consumers alike.

Liam Neeson is a perfect actor to help with that...

From Fragland!


I dont know what the heck happened up there. Partly the fact that I wrote it at midnight, and had flown that evening, and that I most probably f@hked the formatting with this "teh awwsome" pic of Neeson, but I think the point still comes across, so friggen deal. I'm some AUDIO guy, not some "perfect document formatting never make mistakes punching out my blog thing" guy.


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