Monday, April 2, 2007

What Exactly ARE Your Copyright Rights?

With the RIAA and MPAA working to "teach" kids about copyright law (from their perspective of course, not an actual legal perspective), it's good to see sites like Digital Freedom pop up.

In a world where the XXAA's would prefer we not even be allowed to back up our media, or rip our own cd's for fair personal use, setting down a Consumer Bill of Rights is long over due.

First check out this write up on Ars Technica, then head over to DFU, and get the full low down.

"With the DFU initiative, Digital Freedom wants to paint a bigger picture of copyright law for students, one that is not forthcoming from the movie and music industries. "The Digital Freedom University Initiative will fight to ensure that these thousands of college-age students, who represent future artists, innovators and consumers, fully understand their rights, and have a voice in the long- term solution."
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