Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Feet -- Happy But Hard Work

A really good article from the Peach Arch News,
Alex Browne interviews Sonal Joshi about her work on the film Happy Feet, where a one year job ballooned into three and a half, but gives her her most prestigious credit. Kinda like my work on audiobooks, it's grueling but ultimately very satisfying.

Here's my favorite bit:

"Dubbing sessions became necessary as sound was adjusted to the movement, and that meant call-backs for the star voice talent, recorded wherever they happened to be at the time.
“Robin Williams was in San Francisco and Nicole Kidman ended up elsewhere in Australia,” she said.
“We’d have recording sessions over iChat.”
A high point, she said, was working with Williams, who was in usual hilarious form for the recording sessions.
“It was like being at a party – he’d improvise for hours and hours,” she said.
“It was difficult sound-wise; 10 lines of script ends up being four hours of recording.
A lot of it ends up being R-rated. We’d have to do a lot of editing but it was a lot of fun,” she said."

Excellent use of iChat. I've been using Skype for phone patching, and I'd never thought of using video.

Read the rest here.

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