Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stand Up Piracy?

Now here's a comic that's in NEED of an RIAA Lawsuit.

Sure, comedians can be inspired by other comedians.
Sure, two comedians might be able to come up with the same joke at the same time.
But this is a bit much I think...

First up, if you haven't kept up with the Joe Rogan / Carlos Mencia feud (HIGH-larity), you should check out Joe's Myspace page.

Short story Long, Joe's been calling Carlos out on being a joke thief, and while I'm not a big Rogan fan, he does offer "proof" in video, not to mention getting banned from The Comedy Store and losing his agent.

Well more people are paying attention, and Myspace user Redban has a whole collection of videos on Mencia. Trolling through them kinda sucks. I was a big fan of Mencia's, but stealing from Mr. Bill Cosby ... Nope! ... I'm done!

Check it out:
Mencia Steals Cosby @ MySpace Video
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