Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Piracy NOT Illegal?

Man, this guy is hardcore.

I read every bit of information I could find, including case law. I studied the DMCA. Since then I have studied the NET Act. I have studied everything I could find. Guess what? I could not find a single line in any act that said that downloading anything was illegal, or even anything that could be construed to mean it.

Ok, I get that the technical terms for delivery of content might not be included in the articles of the DMCA, but somehow I'm still pretty sure that the sharing of content (regardless of method of receipt) is still against the law.

Though I totally agree with him about how annoying the "file sharing is stealing" commercials are.

Here, I've bought this DVD. I've had my bag checked as I left the store. I've removed plastic wrap. Struggled with those damned adhesive strips, and almost broken the tabs off of the case just to open the DVD. With great satisfaction I place the DVD in my player, turn on the TV, and ... have to watch ... a GAHD DAMED COMERCIAL ABOUT HOW STEALING IS WRONG?!?! THAT I CAN'T SKIP OVER!!! WHAT?!? REALLY!?!?!

So my reward for purchasing this movie is to get treated like a criminal! GEEZUS! Next time I'll just download it...


I mean, I love movies!

Finish this guy's article here:
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