Saturday, March 31, 2007

Idolator Might Be On To Something ... No No Really


So now that we're wrapping up the March Boycott of any RIAA label music (Thanks Gizmodo!), Idolator has a series of unrelated post about the RIAA, that actually tie together really well.

First up If you can remember the Nine Inch Nails fiasco surrounding NIN tracks being left in bathroom stalls for music fans to trade. Apparently the RIAA started sending out cease and desist letters ... before they found out that the label had approved this "viral" campaign.

Even Trent Reznor Wants to Give the RIAA a Smackdown

Next up in RIAA HIGH-larity, even with the boycott, Modest Mouse went on to have the number one selling album of it's release week (by a pretty wide margin
from recent number ones).
But wait Audio Guy, wasn't this the same album that was leaked all over "teh intarwebs" weeks ago?
Why would anyone BUY the album, if they could download it?
Do you mean to tell me that Piracy (ARRRRRRGH!) might NOT directly contribute to the recent substantial drop in CD sales?
That there could be other contributing factors?
Audio Guy?

To Leak, Or Not To Leak?: Why The Labels Need To Learn To Chill Out And Float On

And lastly, just for shizznits, here's Idolators leak of the day from Thursday. It's poppy R&B from Mario. It's ultra-smooth-sappy and even has an "I'll be better baby" plea to the listener about two thirds of the way through the track. By all respects I should hate it. It's (deservedly) panned on the site's comments, but I can't stop listening to it. Maybe I just haven't been listening to enough R&B of late...

Leak Of The Day, Part II: Mario Has A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

I'm gonna go detox with some Marvin Gaye...
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