Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gotta love the Shat! Voice Over Edition!

William SHATner that is!
From the Howard Stern show, here's a clip of a commercial or narration session with Capt. Kirk himself.


At first I thought this was going to be like the Orson Welles recordings (with plenty of pompASSity), but by the end of the session I was rooting for Bill (also think it would be kinda fun to work with him).

If you've ever been in a difficult recording session (or directed one), you'll love this clip!

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Thanks to Artt for the better version!
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  1. How do you make your blogger blog a do-follow blog?

  2. Hey Rog,
    It's different for each blog out there (Blogger,wordpress, etc), but you can find general instructions by googleing some thing like "disable no follow". It'll mean tearing into a little html.
    I'd email you directly, but your profile isn't visible.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I can't believe I've never heard this before! Shatner read it EXACTLY like the director did - it was spot on! As soon as he said "This is William Shatner" (in the directors style) I busted a gut.

    Thanks for re-sharing this on twitter. Hilarious!


  4. Hey Jordan!
    Glad I could share! My absolute fave studio outtake.