Monday, January 29, 2007

Could it Maybe Be You?

I can't really say why, but lately I've come into a rash of friends and clients breaking their gadgets. From phones, to Palms, and ipods too, I invariably hear the same thing "It broke on me". Yet I see the same use out of almost all of them. Devices never in cases, shoved into pockets and purses, banged around, but it's the gadgets fault when wear and tear catches up to them. While kit gets slimmer and "sexier" is it really an insurmountable chore to use a screen guard or case for a $200-$600 gadget. Laptops start at $600, and you almost never see someone walking around with one bare (and when I do, I secretly want to see them trip).
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  1. I stick to hardy stuff like my Nokia E90. It looks like crap now because of all the scratches from the drops (even onto tarred roads) but it works like a charm.

  2. Agreed.
    Build quality is a huge factor in what I buy. I'm also pretty rough on my gadgets (which is why I often buy screen protectors and cases), but when I bork a device I don't complain that the device let me down.
    That's what drives me crazy.