Who Is SomeAudioGuy?

SomeAudioGuy = Juan Carlos Bagnell

He's a freelance voice over director living in Los Angeles, and has been recording, producing, and directing VO for well over a decade.
After building a solid reputation at Abrams Artists Talent Agency as a Booth Director and Assistant he moved over to casting, now working with the longest running VO casting company on the west coast, The Voicecaster.
Blending an education in Theatre Arts with a family history of engineering, Juan is equally as adept at directing the actor as he is at capturing the performance.

With an established track record of Radio, TV, and Web production, Juan is eager and available to guide your actors to enhance the value of your next project.
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People saying nice things about SomeAudioGuy: 

"Juan is an actor's director. He's able to push you beyond your limits while always respecting your own creative process. I trust his expertise, and admire and appreciate his guidance and direction."
-Bob Bergen, Voice Actor

"Having worked with Juan in an agency setting I have witnessed firsthand his expertise and professionalism. He spent many thankless hours in the booth patiently directing actors until he was sure they had put forth their best read possible. He translates his knowledge into constructive criticism that makes not only for better reads but for better actors."
-Marna Palmer, Agent at Paradigm Talent

"Juan flat out helped me book. His time at my agency as the booth director was instrumental in helping me build a confident approach to copy that resulted in stronger submissions and ultimately---bookings. Astute, direct, professional, and a great guy to geek out with on pop culture & technology! Lucky to consider him a friend and to have benefited from his direction at such a critical time in my development as a voice actor."
-Roger Craig Smith, Voice Actor

"Juan brings a professionalism and easy charm to his work in the booth. His experience in both the industry and the technical sides of the voiceover world make him a valuable coach with a unique perspective."
-Kari Wahlgren, Voice Actor

"Get ready for a great experience working with a true actor's director. Jaun Carlos gets the best takes in the shortest amount of time with the precise, minimal direction. He is someone who knows his craft and respects the actors he works with, and makes the whole experience of auditioning and working fun!"

"Juan is simply the best. His professionalism and skill at translating direction and helping actors move into their best reads makes him a powerful ally in the booth. All of this is backed up by an incredible knowledge of the technical side of what's happening. He's a joy to work with and on several occasions has been the catalyst to my booking a job. "
-Ike Amadi, Voice Actor

"Juan has been helping me do great voice auditions in his booth for years. He's super friendly to the talent but doesn't hold back giving the direction we need to deliver our best work. A lot of booth directors just smile and say 'excellent' and let the talent go after the first take but Juan takes the time to make sure we get plenty of helpful direction to give us a better chance to book the jobs he casts." 
-David Sobolov, Voice Actor

I have been a working professional actor since 1971. I have been auditioning at the Voicecaster for so long that I am one of the few remaining living actors that has the honor of having my reel to reel demo box on the wall there. Needless to say I have seen a lot of actors and booth directors come and go. Most just didn't have the talent, ability or determination to become successful. Juan has that and then some. I have found his direction to be not only spot on but he has that rare ability to communicate with the actor in a way that is inspiring and challenging. I never feel cheated in the booth and know that my audition was the best that it could be. Besides being one of the best voice over directors in town, Juan is also extremely knowledgeable about equipment, acoustics and mic technique. If I have any audio related question, he is the first person I call. I heartily and enthusiastically recommend him. The talent never ends with this guy... Juan Bagnell is a Voice Over savant.
-Robert Clotworthy, Voice Actor

Simply put: I look forward to working with Juan both because he is easy to work with amd because the results of my sessions with him shine. Juan not only engineers the best sessions, he fully understands the process from beginning to end and his understanding helps make everything better from the performance to the post-processing work that we do after the session.
When recording voice actors for video games, there are a ton of little things to manage, all at the same time. Not only does one need to be able to get the best possible performance from an actor and get that recorded cleanly, but the line needs to be in context, it needs to be clear, it needs to be at the right volume level, the actor needs to stay in character, the pace needs to be right for the situation, and when in flow, everyone at the session is working together for the performance to be the best it can be so as to enhance the final game experience and make everything about the game feel better to the player.
After the session, the lines need to be easy to find, easy to manage the right takes, easy to process, easy to bust out individually for how they'll be used in the game. They need to be saved and stored in a way that makes the logistical management of the individual dialogue lines as easy to process as possible.
Juan is unique in that he has talent and experience in each of the areas above, and depending on the project with us, he's helped out in one or more of each area. Juan is a true collaborator who fills the gaps for his clients when there are gaps, and helps keep everything on track not just for getting the session complete, but getting it complete with the best possible results.
-Jeff Pobst, Video Game Developer, CEO Hidden Path Entertainment

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