Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blue Microphone's Kiwi on ABC's 'Nashville', but set up improperly?

Ok, you uber-mic nerds are going to appreciate this one.

Nashville has become one of my favorite guilty pleasures, chock full of nighttime soapy drama, and some great music tracks produced weekly. It's also just fun as a gear head seeing what fancy recording equipment these fictional musicians will be thrown in front of next.

Like this Blue Kiwi, one of my all time favorite studio mics. I like this mic so much, that even my wife caught it as the show zoomed in on actress Chaley Rose singing in front of one.

"Hey it's that green mic you like!" 

I look up from my laptop, enjoy a "hey cool" moment, and start to look back down until I double take back up to the screen. The mic's pins are still in...

You'd have to know your way around this particular mic, but when shipped, the Kiwi has three pins installed to protect the diaphragm during transport. We can zoom in a bit to see them a little better.

Yeah. They look cool, but those things are supposed to be removed before you use the mic. Out of the box there's even an angry little red tag that instructs you to remove those pins. Which means that setting up the shot, someone had to unpack the mic, set it up on a shockmount, look at the red tag, and remove it, all without pulling those guard pins.

It's a small gaffe, but if you actually work in recording, it's a funny distraction.

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  1. Hah! That is hilarious. My poor wife has to usually deal with me rolling my eyes over many "pro studio" scenes in TV shows and movies. Where a cable is unplugged, the mic is backwards or not even on (Like a C414 with no lights on it), etc. Your observation is pretty unique though! I wouldn't have caught that one since I have no experience with the Kiwi, good eye! :)