Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Video Review: The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB Interface

I've worked a few short films and TV pilots, and most of my recording gear was Firewire. Unfortunately newer PC's are often dropping Firewire. Needing to separate four or more channels and route audio means that I can't just get away with a regular stereo USB interface. Focusrite's Scarlett 18i20 looks like it'll handle what I do, plus a WHOLE lot more...



  1. Juan Carlos - I find myself in a similar situation to your needs on the Scarlett 18i8 review. I'm trying to satisfy the needs of a band in both a home studio and occasionally in a live environment where I can capture with channel isolation for post show mixing.

    "Excellent interface, notice I didn't say for the price. ($499) I'm wondering what you might have had in mind that would be better at $500 price level? With this unit now available for < 400 dollars, does this change your mind at all?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any on this unit vs. the Presonus 1818vsl, or any other interfaces that have similar specs / come to mind for interface -> PC recording.

    BTW - What pc specs were you working on to capture the 8 channels? Any dropping of the session under extreme audio recording to your laptop?

    Best regards & many thanks!


    1. Don't get a Presonus! You will regret it! Especially if you have no USB2 ports. They have very wonky drivers and don't even write their own. They have never updated them.