Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Win a Free Hour of Coaching With SomeAudioGuy!

I'm Mr. 3000! 

So I just broke 3000 followers on Twitter, and I want to do something fun to celebrate. I'll be giving away a free hour of voice over coaching to one lucky winner to work on whatever aspect of their performance or equipment they wish to discuss.

If you're in the LA area we can meet face to face, and for everyone else we can set up the coaching over G+ or Skype!

How to Enter This Contest

There are three ways to enter:

1- Leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address) answering the question "What do you want to work on?".

2- Share this post on Google+ publicly. Tag me in the post to make sure I see it. My actual name is Juan Carlos Bagnell. You should probably also circle me while you're at it (does not increase odds of winning).

3- Tweet the following (filling in the blank):

I want to win a free hour of #Voiceover coaching w/ @SomeAudioGuy to work on ____

Do one of these, do all three. You will only get one entry from commenting on this blog, but there are no limits to how many times you can tweet or post on G+.

Deadline to enter is Friday 11:59pm Pacific time. After, I'll collect all of the valid entries, throw them into one big random number generator, and announce a winner on Saturday, so get shaking!


  1. I would like to work on my timing and flow with commercial copy. Just in case my email isn't listed, it's "gamebuddy123ATgmailDOTcom".

  2. I'm in! I would like to work on ending phrases or sentences and/or video game voice stuff. jojo dot jensen at yahoo dot com

    Congratulations on your 3000 followers!

  3. I would like to work on breaking down and delivering commercial copy. I work as a narrator and do long form stuff and I have found that those skills aren't a 1:1 translation to commercial copy (which is an area I struggle in and would like to grow this year and beyond). Thanks for the opportunity Juan!

  4. I'd like to work on home studio issues. My email is thatbadcarlos at gmail dot com.

  5. I'm still hesitant about animation voices and want to be more confident in that area.

  6. I want to work on creating believable characters and setting a training trajectory to become competitive! Tall order?

  7. I want to work on breaking out of my "character mode", and deliver a great commercial read as *myself*.

  8. I want to work on bringing my authentic "John" voice to each project I work on.

  9. I want to pick up where we left off - hitting the ground running, hitting the first beat hard and true. (flor.sanroman@yahoo.com)

  10. CONGRATS on the 3k followers! I'd love to learn from the best how not to make all the rookie mistakes and how i can hone my range.

  11. I want to work on my technique, breath control and really getting an awesome character demo made with your help! :3 [csudzy@gmail.com]

  12. I'd like to work on making my commercial sound more "normal" and my character choices bolder! mirandagauvin(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. I didn't say my e-mail address before. Here it is: john@voiceovergenie.com.

  14. I would like to work on my breathing techniques because I try to deliver all on one breath. My voice tales off at the end of any long talk. rmiret@socal.rr.com

  15. I want to win a free hour of #Voiceover coaching w/ @SomeAudioGuy to work on audiobook technique.

  16. Hi Juan! Congrats on the 3000! :) I'd love to win a free hour of voiceover coaching to work on creating a more conversational, yet animated style of delivery. I keep hear "non-announcery", but then hear finished products that DO sound announcery -- so I'd love some direction on finding that happy medium. All the best to you! Amy

  17. Congratulations! And thank you for the opportunity! :)
    I know this is a *rare* thing to ask, but I would ALSO like to work on sounding more believable as different characters (commercial and animation), and maybe talk about effective networking?
    You can reach me at timothyvoicer@gmail.com if the need arises. :)

  18. I want to win a free hour of #Voiceover coaching with @SomeAudioGuy to gain feedback on this audio gal's demo as well as to better understand character development and the business side of VO.

  19. Hello! My name is Kalyn McCabe. I would like to work on finding my commercial brand and delivering/marketing that brand effectively.

    It's generous of you to offer such wisdom. I am reachable at KalynMcCabe@gmail.com.

    Thank you!

  20. Hi, Juan!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I have a home studio setup and currently do a few dozen recordings a month for freelance clients. I'd like to discuss how to effectively position and market myself to grow my voiceover business and brand through non-union clients, as well as how to network with agents and producers for union work.

    Thanks again! And congrats on gaining so many followers! =D

    Liz Chen

  21. Voice over performance! I'd love a VO boot camp of sorts.

    Congrats on 3,000!! Many more!

    Alanna O'Brien

  22. I want to win a free hour of #Voiceover coaching w/ @SomeAudioGuy to work on defining the character.