Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Naked and Famous Release "One Temporary Escape" Concert for Free!

I like this band a lot. I like them even more now.

Releasing a free live track or album isn't particularly hot news these days. Many bands have some way for fans to engage with concert footage for free. That said, The Naked and Famous have dropped a pretty impressive concert video for you to consume for the hot price of zero dollars.

"One Temporary Escape" is directed by Jordan Blady, and showcases the band towards the end of their "Passive Me, Aggressive You" tour at The Warfield in San Francisco. It's very well shot, and nicely edited.

Best of all you can download a 1080p video file of the concert for free, or stream the video on Youtube.

The Naked and Famous - "One Temporary Escape"

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