Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Juan at CES: Blue Unveils Nessie, Adaptive USB Microphone

You can always count on Blue to deliver an attractive microphone.

Nessie is the newest addition to their line up. The goal with Nessie is to take some of the pain out of editing and cleaning up your recordings. Blue calls this "adaptive" recording. While on the show floor I wasn't ale to try this out personally, but a combination old and new tech seems like it will help those looking to record higher quality audio.

Built into Nessie's mic element is a pop screen to help reduce pops from plosives hitting the mic, and Nessie's ball has an internal shockmount to help with rumbling and vibration. A zero latency headphone jack is greatly appreciated.

On the new tech front, Blue is pushing new software to process your recordings in real time. Helping you out with real time EQ adjustments, de-essing, and minor level control/compression. This could be a handy little way to take some of the edge off.

Build quality is very solid, the weighted base has a good amount of heft to it, very important for how tall Nessie stands. Plus, the adjustable neck looks like it has a lot of life in it.

I'll be looking forward to running it through its paces later in the year!

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