Monday, October 29, 2012

SomeAudioGuy Teaching a FREE One-Night Workshop at the SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab!

I'm proud an honored to be taking my brand of man-handling actors to the DLFVOL tomorrow (Oct. 30th)!

I'll be teaching a one night workshop on commercial script analysis for all SAG/AFTRA members who are eligible to participate in Foundation events. If you are not eligible, I would highly recommend signing up and completing the orientation workshops. There are a variety of incredible workshops and classes (like mine) being made available, and the Lab also makes recording time available to those needing to complete auditions.

I hope to see you there! I'm going to be brutal!
More info after the jump!

The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab

Juan Carlos Bagnell's " Get Equipped Commercial Copy Workshop"

Event Type:Voice-Over Lab
Title:Juan Carlos Bagnell's " Get Equipped Commercial Copy Workshop"
Move beyond the direction on your audition copy. Make choices based on the language of the copy!
Date:Tuesday, October 30, 2012
SAG Foundation - DLF Voice-Over Lab
5757 Wilshire Blvd, Mezzanine 103
Los Angeles
**The Don Lafontaine Voice-Over Lab is located on the Mezzanine Level in Suite M103**
(free validated parking)
In the commercial world, producers "know it when they hear it", and that can often show in the direction they supply for their auditions. Specs which can include decades-wide age ranges, vague requests for ethnicity, contradictory attitudes, and limiting celebrity prototypes, it can often feel like a committee of ad execs couldn't agree on what they wanted for the voice of their project. They did however approve the copy for the audition, so this workshop will focus on dissecting and analyzing commercial audition copy to better equip participants for making appropriate choices. Be less eager to please. Play to your strengths. Make stronger choices.
Juan Carlos Bagnell is a VO director who has been producing, directing, and recording spoken word audio for well over a decade. Having started his LA career at Abrams Artists Agency as a booth director and assistant, Juan moved over to casting, working with one of LA's longest running casting companies, The Voicecaster. Blending a history of artistic and technical experience, Juan produces in a variety of disciplines for music, film, TV, and web content. Juan is quite passionate about raising the level of discourse on VO performance, and is always available to manhandle or abuse an actor. At least the actors who are asking for it...
You must be DLF VO Lab eligible to attend this workshop:
1) Completed DLF VO Lab application.
2) Completion of DLF VO Lab Orientation Part 1 and Part 2
If you have previously completed the DLF VO Lab eligibility requirements, but are having trouble signing up for this and other DLF VOL events or if you have not completed the DLF VOL eligibility requirements, please complete our new online application. 
Follow the DLF Voice-Over Lab link (near the top of the site page) to the DLF VO Lab home page, click the "apply now" or "voice over lab eligibility process" links. Read the information and then complete the new online application.
Previously DLF VOL eligible members, please email: vol@sagfoundation after completing the new application.  All DLF VOL users must complete the new online application process.
Please note the difference between an "RSVP" and "WAITLIST"... 
RSVP: You are registered to attend the event and a seat will be saved for you. 
WAITLIST: You are not registered as an attendee of the event. If there is a cancellation by a seated individual, we will select a replacement from the waitlist and notify the replacement by phone or email
Please be sure to verify your status by carefully reading the email you receive after event sign up.

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