Friday, September 21, 2012

Soundcloud Update For Android Brings Recording and Editing Features

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I'm a sad technology fan.

No really. There's been a severe lack of high quality audio software on Android.

Thankfully, Soundcloud has updated their social audio app, giving us droids a compelling option for not only recording and editing, but for sharing our audio as well.

The app is nicely laid, simple tabs direct you to either listen to audio your subscribed to, or to record your own audio. During the recording process, you have the ability to pause and resume, a nice feature if you need to burp or otherwise interrupted.

 Editing is very simple, and resembles my current fave audio app TapeMachine. I wish there were more options like noise reduction, but it's still a very functional workflow.

 So how does it sound uploading something from your phone?

 Well, here's me talking into a Motorola Photon Q:

It's a great update providing a LOT more functionality, and fans of the service will definitely want to check it out.

Soundcloud on Google Play

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