Monday, August 20, 2012

Live-Action Stop-Motion: A Reading of 'ALONE' by E.A. Poe

I have a decent camera, and I like pushing the limits of what I can do with it. This reading of my favorite Poe poem was created entirely out of still photos shot in real time. It was surprisingly difficult to sync the audio...

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I always enjoy a Poe reading... he is always so melancholy that it puts me in a solitudinal state of mind (new word?) ...

    A bit of a cool and appropriate affect with the video, although first time watching it I felt distracted by the video, finding myself watching your lips syncing... I wasn't sure what to expect tho. Keep playing my friend! :0)

    1. Not sure if there's a way around that. The frame rate is something we're not used to seeing (essentially 8fps). Combine that with the fact that it can only shoot for about 15 seconds at a time, and it's a perfect storm for distracting our primate/hunter eyes.